Specialize | Up-Skill | Be Relevant

Holberton School Lesotho offers the latest and up to date curriculums that will appeal to high school leavers who are
serious about getting employed as a software engineer. The intense and vigorous lessons will make you into a good
candidate for employment locally and anywhere in the world.

We offer six specializations for graduates who want relevant and up to date programming skills that will increase their
chances of employment with international companies. These specialization programmes are also perfect for up-skilling for
those already in the tech industry.

Holberton graduates across the globe have been employed by companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Tesla, Docker, Apple,
Dropbox, Facebook, Pintrest, Genentech, Cisco, IBM, and more.

We're around the globe.

Since the launch of its first campus in 2016, Holberton School, the project-based alternative to college, started to expend, worldwide.